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I began this week- having to begin again after some time away to reflect on the effect of COVID-19 and the world as we are influenced by this pandemic. I realized I have sooo much stuck energy. So much boggled up and pushed aside that I’m unsure of what direction to take.

I am thankful that I’m provided a process, with structure to help guide me through this chaos. I feel lighter and more stable after really settling with my emotions around the root chakra.


August 6, 2020

As much as I wanted to stay awake during my DNA A&A II session with Aimee, I still fell asleep almost immediately.

While laying there still asleep, all of a sudden I saw a bright golden light flash, followed by a couple of more smaller flashes of light, kind of like fireworks.

The next day I felt like a million dollars – all of the unease, restlessness, & mild depression that I was feeling since my last attunement had lifted & I feel so alive! Also during the week I was able to stay awake longer in the beginning & experienced more of the ending of the DNA A&A II meditation – this time I woke to where we’re to be working on the knee chakras & I could feel the golden white light release stuck emotions & memories & today my knees feel great.


July 5, 2020

This week I was able to open up to others around me regarding my shadows. I began to understand then myself as I started reading more about lightwork and energy transformations.

I feel enlightened today. I got dressed this morning and found myself adding extra jewelry to my outfit, I feel so feminine today. I rested so beautifully this weekend. I believe I was visited, as I received what felt like a download of love... Light Bodies surrounded me as I broke into healing tears and felt a rush of emotions and light flood my body. As I exhaled, I could feel a new scene entering my mind. I am on the correct journey. I am here. I am present. I am love.

— Hali

August 1, 2021

I noticed this week alot of things were revealed to me in areas that I still need healing. I think the biggest challenge and most meaningful has to do with areas that I can consider to be flaws with my physical body.

The first 2 days I entered a state where I was so frustrated with the circumstances around me and the physical aspects of my body. It was as though I couldn't accept certain things and I just wanted to go to these huge extremes in trying to fix the things that I could control.

In this experience I of course had to accept the fact that things just don't change overnight.. but I have to work towards and set these goals for myself to achieve this desired outcome. Acceptance and "slowing down" seemed to be a big theme for me in this preparation week.

— Gina

February 1, 2022

As a single mom, I always feel so alone and overburdened. This week I felt as though the Universe was supporting me. I felt lighter and like I could live the life I desire for myself and my boys. That I am not alone. It was a very powerful and healing week for me. I had a ton of realizations.

— Jennifer

March 22, 2022

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